An unusual activity inside the marsh

The campsite Le Jardin du Marais is located in the heart of the marsh, a preserved natural heritage that provides a lot of sites to discover and also soft and quiet family activities.


PINTA or the Salt Road

This association was created by a man passionate about trips and culture. In the Sallertaine and Bois de Cené areas, he has set up nature trips by boat to go on canals through the Breton marshes.

Over the years, this association became a reference in canoeing visits, well-known by all the partners in tourism.

Until the 70’s the inhabitants of the marsh sailed on yawl.

You will visit quietly this area, sailing on different canals and discover fauna, flora and all the life of the marsh. During your trip, you may see herons, myocastors, ibis and maybe storks if you are lucky.

Everybody is able to do canoeing even the youngest. So you will relax and admire nature in a preserved area.

The salt road offers various options, from go-as-you-please canoe hire to guided canoe trip or even bivouac out in the country. You could stop at Rairé to visit the windmill, enjoy a magic night in Chateauneuf or go to see the Chauvet abbey. Everyone will experience an unforgettable tour.


This is the opportunity to visit the village of Sallertaine with the art craftsmen and the Romanesque style church that was surrounded by water when it was built.




49 Rue de verdun


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