Camping near Saint Hilaire de Riez

Saint Hilaire de Riez

Seaside resort from the early twentieth century saw the craze for boaters bathing, Saint Hilaire de Riez is now in second place in the ranking of tourist accommodation capacities France .
Saint Hilaire de Riez has many assets with its long sandy beaches, the pine forest bordering its coastline and cornice of Sion, adorned with cliffs reminiscent of Brittany.
The hinterland is also rich with its salt marshes bordering the river of life and that one can visit a large part of the year, the pond of the three valleys, a lake to practice sports water.

Saint Hilaire de Riez Vendée cornice

In the ancient times, Rie (now Riez) was an island that was connected gradually to the ground because of marine deposits. The cornice is composed of shale and sandstone that erode (down 10 meters in 70 years). This is where the men themselves are installed facing the sea and became fishermen. Small houses in the Sion corniche shows what happened when men were wetting their boats in the natural cove beach.
Tourism has profoundly altered the coastline and numerous villas and hotels were built primarily on the Corniche offering residents a breathtaking panorama: The Clarity, Ker Ivonic, Les Pervenches, Ocean Pines and casino, the hotel of tourists The Frederick Hotel. One can still admire some of these buildings today.

The Marais Breton Vendeen a living place

A Saint Hilaire , the marsh is characterized into two areas: the freshwater swamp and marsh-salting.
The formation of marshes was made over time by depositing silt being performed at the mercy of the ebb and flow of the tides. Man has gradually converted these territories through dams and basins to exploit them: meadows bathed in freshwater (the cord of mattes and the estuary of the Besse) and salt marshes to salt production .
Both types of wetlands are home to abundant fauna and flora and differentiated spaces are essential to the protection of many species.
The visit of the salt marshes is a good way to understand the harvest of white gold. Sauniers you will demonstrate ancestral gestures to collect the precious salt. Maze of successive ponds, you’ll understand when you visit the entire operation of the marsh.
If the industrial revolution led to the decline of the Atlantic salt in the commercial supply chain, tourism has allowed the rehabilitation of salt marshes. In Saint-Hilaire, the salt marshes and the corner of the Star and are active again.

Saint Hilaire de Riez between sandy and rocky cliffs

No less than 15 km range covers the coast of the resort: They start by Demoiselle Beach and eventually the Great Beach of Sion, in terms of the long cord of dunes, guarded all summer and offering a playground ideal for swimming, kite flying or boating activities. The cornice also offers two coves surrounded by cliffs: the range of 5 Pineaux and beach Bussoleries. In the heart of the rocks that can be seen Devil’s Hole (Le trou du diable) , a real natural curiosity: at low tide, discovered a huge cavity that is filled with a crash in high water, sending up spectacular waterworks.
The city of Saint Hilaire de Riez , participating in the campaign “clean break”, offers exceptional living conditions for holidays. Moreover all the beaches has a safety device (39 supervisors, 12 monitoring points and 6 aid stations). So in peace you can swimming, fishing, walking or practicing water sports … Saint Hilaire de Riez is 600 hectares of state forests 300 hectares of marshland that you can browse through the bicycle paths and practicable footpaths.

To visit in Saint Hilaire

The old house Bourrine du Bois Juquaud invites you to discover the daily life of maraîchins (inhabitants of the swamp) at the beginning of the century through the preservation of genuine buggers dating from 1818 (earthen dwelling house and reeds) and its environment. With its multimedia space you a pleasant and rewarding experience to see the old life in the swamp.
The four religious buildings in the town: the church of Saint Hilaire, chapels Sion and Our Lady of Mercy and the monument of Mattes.

Finally, during the summer season, the resort is endowed with a rich and varied entertainment program that caters to all audiences.


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