Camping Sallertaine

Only 10 minutes from your campsite, discover this authentic village also called l’île aux artisants (The Craftsmens Island).

Sallertaine an old site

In 2008, excavations revealed a Gallo-Roman occupation with the presence of an urban district extending north and west of the village. But unlike other vestiges of this time, it was modest dwellings made of adobe, wood and reeds (may be the ancestor of bourrines maraîchines ). Numerous pottery shards therefore attest to the ancient occupation of the site of Sallertaine during the high empire which at that time was located on the coast.
Sallertaine is at its peak in the early Middle Ages with the installation of three monks who founded monasteries and develop the exploitation of salt, a major trade at the time. But the wars of religion as elsewhere bring war and destruction. Sallertaine again find peace and tranquility until the Revolution that again bloodied the country especially as Sallertaine provides more than 150 insurgents against the Republicans. In 1800, General Travot invests the small town and leaves a bloody and murderous trace in the memory.

Sallertaine is a limestone island that dominates the Breton Marshes , vast territory of wetlands crisscrossed étiers that allowed people to travel by skiff.
The silhouette of this town is recognizable from afar with its two churches perched in the upper village. Today Sallertaine houses many artisans which earned him the label of “city of trades and Art”, first to be given to a Vendée city.


Sallertaine: The Craftsmens Island

With its history, the village has an architectural jewel of Angers Romanesque art that reflects the importance of place in the middle ages. : The Church of St. Martin dating from the twelfth.
But the latter became too cramped to accommodate all the parishioners, a second church close to the first was built in 1911. A hundred meters away, make a break in the garden of Vaulieu, in the village.
The Craftsmens Island  offers a rich program of visits you will discover the work of a forty craftsmen who actively participate in the dynamics village: carpenters, furniture upholsterer, potters, textile and jewelery designers, painters, leather craftsmen, decorators etc …
The museum cuddly Mie opens its doors during the season for you to share the adventure of the Vendée family that has founded the empire of bread with over 2,000 people working under his banner. Animations to introduce you to make bread tastings.
The marsh is alive and you can browse through all the tranquility Salt Road that offers hiking services and rental canoes year. For birdwatchers, the surrounding marshes is a wonderful viewing area of ​​hundreds of species of birds that come to nest in peace in these preserved areas.
Finally do not miss the visit of the Mill Raire , one of the last mills still operating, a few kilometers from Sallertaine which offers a guided tour high in color, full of anecdotes experienced by the miller.
Sallertaine offers all summer an entertainment program, including “nightspots” that animate the village of shows and concerts.
As you can see, the visit of Sallertaine is needed during your stay at your campsite the Marais gardens.

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